We are disappointed to many typical porn movies what are not in real.

This is made from a project what protect of woman’s power, and creator power rights.
With the cooperation of a practitioner with a Japanese national license,
we established an original sexual massage.
After that, various new knowledge and practices will be accumulated to improve technology every day.

Even more we contract with actress for no lying, no acting when shooting.
Because it must be nonfiction movies.

We have not cut footages for any scenes of cameras.
It is not like normal porn what cut a lots of OK scenes.
We stay cameras, and not moving a lots.

There are a time when the masseur sometimes lost, because of skills did not work out.
The masseur sometimes well done to work out with good skills.

We filmed all of occasion if a masseur did not work out.

This is the reason why it is called a perfect nonfiction movie.

If you are bad at normal typical porn, you should watch us.

If you watch normal typical porn, you need to go back to your home.

Then, let’s watch us!!